Mission & Values


These are the values we encompass and live by here at David Turbay MD.

It’s what makes us stand out from the crowd of doctors and white robes. We Care.

Compassion. It all starts with compassionate care and our staff is comprised of people who not only have the right training, but have empathy. We strive to treat all of our patients with love, care, and understanding; ensuring that everyone who comes in through our door, feels welcome.

Diversity. Starting out as a Hispanic immigrant himself, Dr. Turbay has built his practice on the pillars of diversity and inclusivity. We are proud to represent women and Hispanics in the healthcare industry. More than half of our staff is comprised of women and medical professionals from Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico, and Colombia.

Science. Most importantly, we are medical professionals, which means we want to help you live longer and better through evidence based medicine. Dr. Turbay is passionate about science and the power of numbers to back up his claims. We work ethically, guided by scientific research from the big leagues in medicine like the American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, Texas Medical Association, and JACC to ensure that we are up to date on the best treatments for your heart.

In this fast-changing world, Dr. Turbay has made it his duty to continue to study and learn about heart disease to give you the best treatment on the market today.

Mission - to provide high quality cardiology care in an accessible way

How do we provide accessible care?

  • We accept almost all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid


  • We accept new patients within 2-3 business days


  • We provide both in person and remote consultations for your convenience