Our Staff

Eusebio Martin

I serve as the Cardio Sonographer at our practice and have been a dedicated member of Dr. Turbay’s team since it opened in 2010. My journey in the field of healthcare began in Santa Clara, Cuba, where I earned my medical degree in 1996 from the Medical University of Villa Clara. Subsequently, in 2000, I achieved a specialization in Cardiology from the same university and practiced as a Pediatric Cardiologist in Cuba.


In 2004, I embarked on a new chapter in Juarez, Mexico, practicing general Cardiology for children and adults. After completing my ARDMS exam, I relocated to El Paso, Texas, to officially register as a Cardio Sonographer. Since then, I’ve been integral to Dr. Turbay’s team. Outside work, I enjoy dancing, playing sports, and, most importantly, cherishing moments with my family.

Alberto Gutierrez

I’I’m a seasoned Cardiovascular Technician with over a decade of proven expertise. My focus lies in conducting comprehensive ultrasounds for both heart and vessels and providing guidance for vein ablation ultrasounds. Graduating from Southwest University in November 2010 with a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, I subsequently became a registered cardiovascular technician with ARDMS.

For the past nine years, I have been a valuable member of Dr. David Turbay’s team, thriving in a positive and professional environment. My tenure with Dr. Turbay has been instrumental in achieving numerous goals and honing diverse skills. Originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, I hold strong values of honesty, inspiration, and family.

While dedicated to my professional life, I also enjoy relaxing activities. Whether indulging in a weekend Netflix binge or tending to my patio, I believe in maintaining a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.